What happens to the netting as the bale is eaten down #2

Recently one of our USA customers kindly did a sequence of photos for me to show how the net performed and behaved as her horses ate the bale of hay down.

These photos were taken over a 16-day period. We sincerely wish to thank Carri for going to the trouble to take these photos every couple of days. There were 4 horses eating from this net.

Carri used a GutzBusta 6x4 4cm Knotless round bale hay net on her HUGE bale of hay that measures roughly 5 feet x 5 1/2 feet. We don't have any bigger than 6x4 round bales of hay in Australia.

The following sequence of photos shows you what happens to the netting and how the horses use the net as it is grazed down.

As they say, a picture shows a thousand words. These photos are a brilliant illustration of how our hay nets save on hay wastage by keeping the hay within the confines of the netting. This stops horses from scattering the hay about, tossing it around, having it blown away, laid on, used as a toilet, or trampled, and stops them from picking the 'nicest' bits of the bale out.

They, therefore, save massively on wastage!!

For unshod horses, it is fine to have your net like this. For shod horses, you need to have a hay ring or some sort of physical barrier between the feet and the nets to keep shoes and nets separate.

We also have another Blog on our website that shows some more photos and gives a little more information on this topic.


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