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Medium Knowles slow hay bag

My horse loves it! Easy to fill and keeps horse busy.

Round bale net

Excellent product and service

Great quality and service

We now have two round bale hay nets and they are great quality! We have seen a significant reduction in wastage while still maintaining full access to hay.


Exactly what my hay hoovering horse needed! Long lasting and holds the perfect amount of hay for her!

Best hay bags ever

Love these hay bags, they are tough, my horses give them a good workout trying to get their hay out as quick as they can but they are still all in one piece, some I’ve had for a few years and still going strong. Great size too!

Stop contemplating - This product IS for EVERYONE!

I had pretty high expectations for this product, however, it has FAR exceeded them! I had a ratty old hat net that was passed down to me and have been using that for a while. It was soooo difficult to put in the bale and my young horse chewed numerous holes in it. I was purchased this new hay net mainly to keep my horses safe, but was attracted to its durability and the hope it would last at least a few months. When I first opened it, it was well made and tough, however, the softness and pliability led me to belive it may not hold up. I WAS WRONG!!! this hay net has not only help up but it has reduced not only hay loss but consumption as well! I still have 3/4 of round bale 1 when I would usually already be on round bale 2! The horses move around the hay ring more frequently ensuring even distribution (Due to lack of singular large access holes) They have regular meals more frequently instead of don’t standing there all day only eating it in large session due to easy access - this is far better for thier gut health. This far there has been dismal if any spillage / wastage. I’m super impressed and will be investing in smaller hay nets for tie up periods. Whilst there is limited availability for good quality round bale nets, don’t let availability of hay bags deter you from this well worth investment. These hay nets are unlike any others on the market and 100% well worth the investment in these financially uncertain times, particularly when hay is not only sometimes unaffordable but scarce in supply. Do yourself, your horse and your pocket a favour and stop sitting on the fence. This product is for everyone!

Love the Gutzbusta extra small knotless slow feed hay nets!

Perfect for distributing the hay small amounts of hay in many bags for my minis around their track. They are very sturdy; looks like they will last a lot longer without getting holes than the other brand I was using.

goat treats

My goats loved this toy and played with it for hours. highly recommend for pet goats!

Love these haynets wish there was an easy way to fill them lol


I noticed an improvement with my back in movement and pain vastly reduced I am very happy was surprised it worked to quickly 👍

Unfortunately my horse has dental issues and found it too difficult to get the hay, but a friend with goats took it off my hands, and they love it!

Arrived quick and are tough as nails .. my horse cannot put a hole in his no matter how much he shakes and pulls at it


Very sturdy
Slowed my mare down some.

Medium Knotless Slow Feed Hay Net

It has been a few weeks and I can say without a doubt these are the BEST hay nets I have ever purchased. They are so easy to fill and hang or use on the ground. They are the ONLY hay nets I will ever buy. Thank you for such a OUTSTANDING product.

Soft and knotless. Easier on the horse’s lips

Great Quality

Great quality and holds a lot of hay! Opens up easily to fill due to how soft it is. I will be ordering the smaller knotless bag in the future.

Love these bags!

Best hay net ever

I’m in love with these hay nets. They help save hay and my horses really like them

Always impressed

Thought I’d give the medium large hole nets a go for my 26 year old. Nice and easy for him to get the hay out which he is starting to need.
Thankyou again love your nets been us up g them for a few years now on my track system.
Thankyou Donna B

1 3/4 knotless

ok price. happy horses.

X-Large Knot

Bag is great. They hold up very well! I do wish they made the knotless in a XL bag. But this one works well also and seems tougher. I would suggest to make the opening on the wider side of the bag. Not the narrow side. I have this installed in a "tote" feeder and it would fit much better if the open side was the wider of the sides.

Love, love, love these hay nets!

Durable and super good quality. They last a long time!

Hay Net

Love these hay nets I'm not sure why I didnt get one sooner. They are so easy to fill no more fighting the bag trying to get the hay in, but the best part is my overweight mini hasn't managed to put a hole in it or move the knots to make the holes bigger since these are knotless. Wont be wasting my money buying cheaper ones again, totally gutzbusta hay nets from now on in our house.

Love this hay net!

I love this net! It is by far the easiest to put on. I can actually accomplish putting it on by myself which I have not been able to do with other brands of large round bale nets. I will always have one of these!

Love this hay net and so does our herd!!

I have tried many brands of slow feed nets and this is the one net the horses seem to gravitate to first. I think they all like the feel of the netting better than the other nets we use. So far this net is holding up better than others we have out. We will be replacing our old ones with gutzbusta nets. Thanks for a great product!!