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Large Silaege nets

Love them , makes the Silaege last for an extra couple of days

Agspand Feedchar Pouch
Jennifer Ruth Davidson
Excellence, integrity in product and business

Gutzbusta provided complete protection to an order which couldn't be scanned properly upon arrival at local PO and hadn't been delivered.
Several phone calls and emails later the parcel was found to be at the PO. Gutzbusta had posted a replacement straight away which arrived at our front door the next day. Parcel has been returned. So good to find such trust and loyalty and excellent price with free delivery option too.

Really great nets!

These nets are well made and generously sized. Horses and donkeys love them .
Great service . Highly recommended

Knotless Haynets

We are absolutely loving our Knotless Haynets , we run an agistment property with 25-30 horses and every horse gets their daily hay in nets. Best inclusion to our feeding system, less hay wastage and we have happy full horses all day every day

Knotless Hay Nets - Small
Kathryn Leonida
Knotless Hay Nets - Small

These are the best nets I’ve ever owned, not only the perfect size net and size holes for my needs but robust and last for a long time. I clip them into cut-down barrels so that my horses can eat from them at grazing level. It works really well and I highly recommend the nets!

Knotless medium

Best hay net I have ever purchased! Great size, lasts all night and so durable


Best chaff scoop EVER!

Love it

Purchased after a recommendation from a friend for our mini donkeys, who scoff their hay. It's been amazing! The extra large actually fits 2 square bales for us, which means less refilling. Very happy!

Great quality

Really happy with the 4x4 round bale knotted hay net I bought from GutzBusta. Has slowed my horses feeding down and kept my pasture management on track. We built a roof over an old 4x4 trampoline frame and it all works so well. No point in wasting money and time on the cheap ones out there, the GutzBusta net shows no sign of wear and tear, which means less hassle and I can use it for years to come.

Great product

Very impressed with the medium knotless nets, so easy to fill and hold a good 4-6 biscuits, enough for overnight if your boxing your horse. Will definitely be buying more to replace my old nets.

Silaege rolls

Great , has reduced wastage and makes the roll last an extra couple of days . Definitely recommend

Small hole nets

Hi, great structure and great more mini ponies. I accidentally got two with the smallest holes and my boggier horses are struggling with them. I love the structure as they they are strong however I will need to get the next size up and see how that goes! Thanks

Knotless hay net

So happy with the large haynet I brought the small knotless hay net for when I’m out and about with the float

Great quality!!!


Works great for my fast eating pony.

Great quality, fast shipping

Good quality and easy to use. Makes a biscuit of hay last all night.


Can't say yet, they haven't arrived.

Great quality nets!

My horse loves it!

Knotless Hay Nets - Medium

Hay Weigher
Taila Grant
Hay bag and hay weigher

One of the best hay bags I have my horse loves it keeps him Busy for hours he’s an anxious horse, so it’s good to have something knowing that he’s got stuff to do and not a lot of hay droppings over all amazing 🤩
Hay weighed
It’s great we love to see how much we give are horse we give him around a 2 slabs a day seems to hold up really well love love love it

Life saving knotless hay nets

Gutzbusta went above and beyond to get my hay nets to me in less than 3 days. When I go away I leave hay bags already made up so that I’m not stressing that the horses are being fed to much or too little by their carer.

Hay Weigher
Glenise Gaustad
Hay weigher

Bought one of these, to help watch my horses endless eating, along with the 20mm nets. 2 great combinations together.

Fantastic hay bags 🐎💙