Wet Weather Hay Ideas

One question we get asked a lot from our customers is 'What do I do with my hay net in rainy weather?' Our customers are always informing us of their wet weather ideas and here are some of the recent ideas we have been sent.

Belinda K.....

An old water container base that's been welded to make a hay feeder 😊
With of course our GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Nets full bale knotless hay net inside to stop wastage and keep our girl entertained 😊
The perfect set up for over winter to stop hay getting wet, no wastage and drainage at the bottom so water doesn't stay in the bottom 😊
Best of all it's easy to move around so you can move it to avoid horses or turning up one particular stop and standing in mud pits.
Rebecca H....
"I have a shed but it leaks, hay roll is in a hay bale net and then cos I don't want the hay getting wet , I cover it with a horse rug , which comes in handy as I use the leg straps and chest straps to bunker the rug down 😉. "

Kimberly McN....
"Nets clipped into the base, zero wastage, less filling and the nets stay clean so no handling and washing muddy nets. Using 6cm nets for the big guys and 3cm for the fatties. Also not losing hay in the wind. 👍 these are the easiest nets for filling and love the knotless version."
Rosmarie E....
"We string bale sized nets along the walls of the shelter horizontally so that the ponies can share. Sadly though our old shed took a spin over the fence in bad weather and smashed beyond repair, you can see one of the hay nets still tied up and poking through the side of the broken wall. We are in the process of building a new bigger shelter with a divider in the middle so we can fit more horses and nets in and put out 6 bales at a time instead of 4 so will need to buy more hay nets!"

Dayne L......
"Brought this last winter and omg I have saved so much hay 🙂 and I love using my hay nets to."

Alicia F....
"My poor attempt.... until I build a shelter out there at my agistment 🥺"
Brenda W....

"Hi Nikki, I have a full bale hay net inside this container, works a treat."
Sarah F...

"My paddocks have looked like this for months 😩 hoofs waterlogged, nowhere to ride or exercise, literally trashing 3 paddocks to save the rest. I have been using a net hanging it in a tree to save hay getting muddy."


Jodie .....

I saw your post on fb about a solution/idea to help in wet weather.

I’ve been wanting a Hay Hut to stop my rolls of hay from rotting over the winter months for years but couldn’t justify the cost.

This year I finally got a seconds tank and made my own Hay Hut (along with some help from Hubby!).

I’m really happy with the solution, is working a treat!!"


It is important to never put out more hay than the animals will eat within a one to 2 day period if the hay does get wet. In hot, humid conditions, this time period may be shorter. It purely depends on the type of hay used, time of year, humidity and how palatable the hay is.

If you suspect that rain is coming and you are using a round bale then simply throwing a tarp over the top of the hay net and securing it with stretchy straps often works for a quick and easy solution, as well the many ideas mentioned above.

We sincerely thank our customers for contributing to our social media, Blog, and giving us your hints, tips and ideas. Sharing your information with us on how our hay nets have helped make your lives easier in regards to managing your horses and livestock is very much appreciated.

Nikki and The GutzBusta Team 


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