One size fits all – 6×4 GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Net

Do you know what size round bales your farmer makes?

What if you change round bale hay suppliers and they make a different size?

Do you want a hay net that offers you flexibility, ease of putting on, flexibility of putting on multiple round bales no matter what size??

Do you also occasionally use both round bales AND the Large Export Square Bales?

> If you answered yes to any of these, then our GutzBusta 6×4 Round Bale Hay Net ‘one size fits all’ is for you.

Pictured above: Our 6cm ‘one size fits all’ (6×4) Round Bale Hay Nets on 4×4 Round Bales. As you can see these are truly versatile hay nets and still look good on a 4×4 round bale and securely hold the hay in place. These nets are super handy and multipurpose.

Pictured above: Instructions on fitting a ‘one size fits all’ 6×4 Round bale hay net onto small round bales.

Detailed instructions on fitting a 6×4 / One Size Fits All GutzBusta Round Bale Hay Net on smaller bales:

Step 1:
• Place the round bale where you would like it to be positioned for the horses or livestock to eat from, flat side down generally.
• Place the opening of the hay net over and around the top of the unopened bale ready to pull the netting down the sides of the bale towards the ground, then start to undo the wrapping or twine holding the bale together.
• Note: if your round bale is baled tightly together and not likely to fall apart when you take off the twine, then you can pull off ALL the twine/string holding the bale together before putting on your hay net. However, if your round bale of hay consists of pasture, oaten etc, then it might get too loose and start to fall apart, therefore having the net over the top of the bale as stated above in readiness to pull the netting down along the sides of the round bale if it starts to come apart is the best scenario.
• Once the netting or string holding the bale together is fully removed, pull the net down the whole way around the bale until the drawstring is at the ground.

Step 2:
• At this point we recommend flipping the round bale over onto either its side or flipping it 180 degrees onto its other flat edge and pulling all the netting around to encapsulate the entire round bale. This will also take up a lot of the excess netting. Therefore after flipping the bale, pull the drawstring up so that it closes the entire net around the bale. You can then tie a simple knot at the end of the drawstring and undo the simple knot at the base of the drawstring so that the drawstring is free and nothing for horses to get caught in.
• You can have the drawstring either on top of the encapsulated round bale or below on base, whatever suits you the most. If you flip the bale back over then the majority of the drawstring and the opening will be on the base.

Step 3:
• Now grab the netting from one of the side joins and pull it away from the bale so that the other side has netting tight up against the bale and the slack it taken up. See photos below.

Pictured above: Showing how to pull the remaining net tight and then roll up the excess so that it is safely and snuggly secured along the edge of the bale once rolled up and tied off.
• Roll up this extra netting and wind it back in towards the round bale.
• With 4 bits of bailing twine or little pieces of rope, simply tie this portion of rolled netting into the round bale net at roughly 30cm intervals. Your hay net is now ready to eat from.

If you do a nice neat job of securing this rolled up portion of netting, then you won’t need to do this step again the next time you put the round bale on as it will be correctly size adjusted. So you will only need to do steps 1 and 2.

Pictured below are our range of 6×4 GutzBusta Round Bale Hay Nets (one size fits all) in all available varieties.

Photos Above: The 3cm and 6cm 6×4 GutzBusta Hay Nets are both on 4×4 Round Bales. As you can see, the extra netting isn’t a problem at all.

The range of 6×4 GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Nets are truly versatile in that they will not only fit all sizes of round bales, but they will also fit the large export square bales as well.

Pictured above: GutzBusta Hay Net for Large Square Export Bales. Also fits all sizes of Round Bale Hay Bales – a truly versatile hay net.

Pictured Above: If you run out of round bales but still wish to put out a bulk amount of hay, then simply fill your GutzBusta Round Bale net with small bales.


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