Knotted Hay Nets

Our knotted nets are constructed using tough and durable, UV-stabilized, and heat-treated 60-ply polyethylene netting. This high-quality material ensures longevity and resilience.

One of the key advantages of our nets is that they do not absorb water. This means that even during inclement weather or when used to soak hay, the netting's properties and weight remain unchanged. The net itself does not become heavier due to water absorption.

Here are some notable advantages of our knotted nets:

  • Tried and tested: Our nets have been successfully manufactured and sold for the past 10 years, proving their reliability and effectiveness.
  • Strong and durable: The sturdy construction of our nets guarantees their ability to withstand rigorous use.
  • Generously sized: Our nets are designed with ample space, making them easy to use throughout their lifespan.
  • Minimize hay wastage: By utilizing our nets, you can reduce hay wastage by up to 50%, ensuring optimal utilization of feed.
  • Reduce boredom: Our nets provide enrichment and stimulation for horses, helping to alleviate boredom.
  • Health benefits: Our nets can contribute to mitigating conditions such as colic, choke, and stable vices, promoting better overall equine health.
  • Ideal for weight management: Our nets are suitable for managing weight and are particularly beneficial for laminitic horses.

Choose our knotted nets for a reliable, durable, and effective solution that offers numerous advantages for both you and your horses.

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Knotted Hay Nets - Extra Small

Knotted Hay Nets - Extra Small

From $22.00
GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Small

Knotted Hay Nets - Small

From $24.00
GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Medium

Knotted Hay Nets - Medium

From $29.00
Knotted Hay Nets - Large

Knotted Hay Nets - Large

From $46.00
GutzBusta 4cm extra large knotted-3_1

Knotted Hay Nets - Extra Large

From $77.00